Gift Cards

Kildonan Place Gift Cards make the perfect gift for anyone. Why give them a gift from a single store when you can offer them an entire shopping experience?

Available in any denomination over $5 and presented in a complimentary envelope, gift cards are redeemable at most of the 100 stores and services at Kildonan Place*.

Buy your gift cards in person at Guest Services located at Centre Court. Pay by cash, debit, MasterCard, or Visa.

For corporate or other large orders, please call Guest Services at (204) 661-6116, or email 

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* The following stores and services do not accept Kildonan Place Gift Cards at this time: Dollarama, Lottery Ticket Centre, Koya Japan, Kung Pao Wok, Tim Hortons and Marlin Travel.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Gift Cards

Q. Where can I purchase mall gift cards?
A. The cards can be purchased at Guest Services, located at Centre Court.

Q. Are the gift cards interchangeable, and can they be used in any other mall?
A. Sorry, no. The card can only be used at stores in Kildonan Place.

Q. What stores honour the card?
A. While most of our stores honour our gift card, the following stores and services do not accept Kildonan Place Gift Cards at this time: Dollarama, Lottery Ticket Centre, Koya Japan, Kung Pao Wok, Tim Hortons and Marlin Travel.

Q. Are there service fees or additional taxes applied at the time of purchasing a card?
A. No. Whatever the total amount purchased will be the only sum charged to the customer.

Q. Does the card expire?
A. No.  Our gift cards do not have an expiration date.

Q. Are there any account maintenance fees associated to the card?
A. For cards sold as of December 1, 2015, there are no maintenance fees associated with your gift cards. However, for cards purchased before December 1, if the card is inactive for a period of 12 consecutive months, a fee of $2.50 (plus applicable tax) will be deducted for each month of non-use after that point. If you have a card purchased before December 1, and would like a fee-free card, simply visit Guest Services for a replacement card.

Q. Once a card is purchased, are there any limitations on use?
A. Yes, the gift card cannot be used to pay for tips or other gratuities, and cannot be used to make payment on any account or loan.

Q. Can I replace a lost card?
A. Yes, simply visit Guest Services, and we will be able to help you.

Q. How do I keep track of balances?
A. It's simple! You may inquire about your gift card Account either by telephone at 1-800-755-8608 or by visiting You can also keep track of your purchases on the space provided on the back of the card. Remaining balances left on a card can also be viewed on purchase receipts; the authorization code on the bottom indicates remaining balances.

Q. What if I want to return merchandise purchased on the card?
A. As retailer return policies vary from store to store, customers must adhere to each store's policy as such.

Q. Will stores still accept paper gift certificates?
A. Stores are no longer able to accept paper gift certificates.  Should you have a paper gift certificate, simply visit Guest Services at Centre Court.  We will gladly convert your paper Kildonan Place gift certificates into a gift card.

Q. Can purchases be made above the card value?
A. At the store's discretion, the cardholder may combine the use of the gift card with another acceptable form of payment. Be sure to inform the cashier prior to making a transaction.

Q. Are the cards reloadable?
A. Unfortunately, no. The card cannot be reloaded with additional funds. However, you can always purchase a new card.